Last New Year's eve lookbook for this year is here. Since it's the 31st of December, it's something you can easily assemble from the clothes you already have. I do believe that those spontaneous things you just threw on sometimes turn out to be the prettiest outfits. Don't worry if you don't have vintage skirts, any skirt will work. I was actually inspired for this outfit when I realized that a lot of people are going to dinners instead of parties and elaborate events for New Year's and since I already did the outfit inspirations for those, I thought I should offer an option for a simple diner or more casual outing. So I paired one of the most popular blouses right now, a turtleneck with this beautiful vintage skirt. I do have a soft spot for black turtlenecks, I think they go well with anything. 

You do hear a lot against wearing white during winter and even if you follow those ''rules'', New Year's Eve in an exception, we all know on New Year's any outfit goes. I really like this skirt, the fabric has an unique texture so it looks nice with more festive outfits. The skirt was actually my Mom's, but she gave it to me recently. The turtleneck has these little white pearls on the sleeves, which I think connects the whole outfit so it's not your usual black and white outfit. Heels are pointy Zara shoes I got about a year ago (last January I think), I don't wear them that much, but I love how the heel has an interesting shape to it. 
No matter what you decide to wear, have fun tonight and always remember that it's not about the place where you went, or what you wore, the only thing that's important is that you were happy and enjoyed the moment.

Calliope turtleneck
Vintage skirt
Zara shoes
Asos earrings
Vintage and Ti Sento rings
Ti Sento bracelet