When spring is just around the corner and the weather is warmer, you know fashion is going to become much more fun. All the outfits you imagined wearing during winter, but it was freezing could so you couldn't ,are now real. Shopping seasonally where you get new pieces every season is not really my thing, but I do like to get some items when I'm inspired to add them to my wardrobe, or when I see something that I really like. Spring is also a great time for you to see what's missing in your wardrobe, when you finally put away chunky sweaters and heavy coats. I still haven't packed my winter wardrobe away, still I did get some of the warmer pieces out to add to the ''transitional'' period outfits until it's warm all the time. Here are some of the items I thought would be fun to add into my spring wardrobe, and most of them I don't already have.

Silver chain bracelet

I'm the biggest fan of sturdy silver bracelets and wear those most of the time, but I've recently seen a beautiful delicate chain necklace (in a movie 😄) and I've really liked how it looked with spring and summer outfits. Chain bracelets are more delicate than sturdy ones, so they do show off better with lighter, short sleeved clothing.

Silk skirt

These skirts are everywhere, I've seen them so many times on Instagram and Pinteres, that I've stopped counting. They seem like they pair beautifully with everything. So far I didn't find the one in the colour and patten I like (I'm not the biggest fan of animal print), but I'm looking.

Velvet headband

It's true what they say, nothing hunts us like the things we didn't buy. 😂 I saw a beautiful velvet headband in a grocery store (yes, you read that right), didn't get it and have been thinking about it since. Headbands are huge right now and I predict the trend will only get bigger in the future.

Slip dress

I have couple cute slip dresses, but I'm looking for a really simple one, possibly not see through. A lot of slip dresses these days look like a slip or a camisole, which is the look I guess, but I would love to find one that's both simple and elegant and again, not see through.

Boho dress

And finally, my great love, boho dresses. In reality, I already have couple of truly gorgeous boho dresses, so I would only get one if I run into a super beautiful one of a kind boho dress. I was recently at Monsoon and saw a dress that fits the description, I swear, their boho dresses are always unbelievable. Only the pattern was a bit too bright for me, so if I found a similar dress I would probably get it.