How long after the summer can you get away with wearing shorts? I guess it's a rhetorical question since people wear them well into the winter as well. I still remember the first time I saw a supper pretty cold weather outfit with shorts. It was what Drew Barymore's character in ''Music and lyrics'' wore in her first scene there. Great movie, by the way, especially if you are a fan of 80s music. Anyways, back then I realized how cute a cold weather outfits with shorts can look. With them, tights are a must, of course. Which makes everything look even cuter, if you ask me. So what to wear to complete the look? Although I love over the knee boots, sometimes they can be too much with shorts. In my opinion it's the best to save them for dresses and skirts (most of the time at least, not to say I never wear them with shorts and pants).

Next up, what kind of a sweater or a blouse to pair your shorts with? I do like how they look with chunky sweaters (or sweaters in general) and turtlenecks. Thinner knits will also work. Here I thought to try it out with a buttoned cardigan and it turned out pretty nice. Now, to balance it out you do need a coat. When it's cold outside it might look weird when you wear a shorter jacket with a pair of shorts. If you want a truly autumny or a christmasy look go for plaid or corduroy shorts. I wore my favourite denim shorts today, this is seriously one of the best cuts for denim shorts. High waisted and 90s inspired. Those tight very short shorts were never really my thing so I was supper happy when I found this pair. It may not be the best choice when the weather gets even colder, but I'll for sure enjoy it until then.

Stradivarius cardigan
Bershka shorts
Vero moda coat
Mango boots
Vintage Gucci bag
Skagen watch
Vintage and Ti Sento rings
Zlatara Topalović necklace
Ray-ban sunglasses