As soon as the winter approaches all I want to wear is floral dresses. I know, it doesn't really make any sense except the fact that there's actually not so many options when it comes to winter dresses. You have your velvety and corduroy ones and all the sparkly dresses for the holidays and that's it. I don't count wool dresses because they are practically sweaters. But a bit nicer, I have to say. You can get away with wearing thinner dresses like floral ones in the winter as well, just make sure to put a sweater on top. Thicker sweater will make you warm for sure and you can aways add more layers, like a nice scarf, before the coat. 

When I took these photos it was pretty warm so I didn't need a scarf or more layers so I just wore my favourite camel coat. This coat is probably one of my most worn ones at the moment, I finally got used to its oversized cut. Camel coats were never my thing before, but since I got this one it made me realize how practical and pretty they are. I also love how these boots look now when they are a bit broken in. Is it just me or do boots like these look so much better after a bit of wear when they get a couple of wrinkles and their unique shape.

Vero moda dress
H&M sweater
Zara coat
Mango boots
Michael Kors bag
Ray Ban sunglasses
Vintage earrings
Vintage and Ti Sento rings