Way back I did a post about styling corduroy skirts in the spring. Naturally, the best time to wear corduroy is during the winter. 😂 I got this black cord skirt recently and it's actually much easier to style it then my gray one. Anyways, since winter outfits tend to get a bit boring if you wear only pants and jeans, great way to make them interesting is with skirts. You ''usual'' winter skirts are either from tweed or corduroy. Tweed ones do look really pretty and classy as well. What I like about this one is the simple cut, it's the cut you normally find in denim skirts. 

Here I wore it in a casual black and beige outfit with one of my favourite winter coats at the moment. I kind of got into oversized coats lately, they are super convenient as well since you can wear couple of layers underneath. This one is from last year and I'm happy I got it because I haven't seen similar ones I like this year. And I kind of had a feeling that will happen so I bought it. A great tip for winter outfits is to wear a hat and a pair of gloves if you feel like your outfit might be too cold, when your head and hands are warm you'll always feel warmer. 

New Look skirt
H&M sweater
Zara coat
Ray-ban sunglasses
Michael Kors bag
Mango hat