I haven't done one of these holiday gift guides in ages. This year I got inspired because I found some bits that will make great little presents and aren't over the top. Personally, the gift I like to get the most is a book I wanted for a while. For the last couple of years my sister was getting me the books I asked for and I couldn't be happier. During the holidays I'm into novels the most. You usually have the time to read a bit more and that's why a good book is a perfect gift idea. Here I didn't give you any novels ideas, instead I added these two art books I love. Thames & Hudson World of art edition has the best art history books on different subjects, I'm reading the one about Art deco at the moment and it's great.

Perfect gift for someone who's into journaling, agendas and planners is, of course, a new planner. Last year I used a planner from Kate Spade which seriously spoiled me, it's one of the best planners I ever used. This time I wasn't able to find a similar one from Kate Spade so for the first time in my life I got a Moleskin agenda. The one I got is a soft cover daily planner and so far it looks quite nice, I'll see how practical it is when I start using it everyday. Among the smaller but really useful gifts is this set from This works called Dream Team. I got This works products in a Sephora PR package before so I knew I liked them and bought little set (that has two products inside) the moment I saw it. I already used the Deep sleep pillow spray and I also like the other product in Dream team duo, which is a Stress check roll-on.

When it comes to beauty related gifts, I think nail polish is a fun gift, people don't expect to get it and if a nail polish is good and long lasting it makes your life so much easier. Recently I rediscovered my love for OPI nail polishes and I already wrote about the nude shade I adore, Mimosas fro Mr. & Mrs. In a festive spirit I decided to get a nice red shade so I picked Coca-Cola red. Both of these are super long lasting and dry pretty quickly which basically is all you need in a nail polish. In the beauty gifts category the most common gift is perfume. My two favourite niche perfumes brands are Byredo and Diptyque. Scents are really personal so if you are giving a perfume as a gift it's the best to ask which one to get. Last edition to this gift guide are headbands! They are a huge trend right now and I love them, mostly because I love 90s style a lot. If you know someone who loves trends, but still doesn't have a headband this will be a perfect gift for them.