If I would have to name one beauty craze that's bigger than them all at the moment, it would be Korean skincare. Last time I did a post on Korean beauty, most of the brands I'm using now weren't even widely available. It was more than three years ago, after all. In case you don't know much about Korean beauty, you can read that post here. Anyways, back then I used to love Korean beauty cleansers and recently I got back into them. It all started with this It's skin Have a eggshell cleansing foam. The cleanser is formulated with egg yolk extract and egg shell. I know, it sounds weird to use a cleanser with egg shell in it, but it cleanses great and tightens the pores at the same time. While this is a usual ''old school'' cleanser, the other one I like is the opposite of that. Erborian Cleansing creme is one of those cleansers that can melt the makeup off and is super gentle on the skin. You just need a small amount you massage directly over the face and when all the makeup and dirt is melted you can wash it off with water. 

Other product from Erborian I really like is their Black soap. This is not a classical black soap, like the black African soap, it's more of a regular soap in black colour (if that makes any sense). Same as the Cleansing creme, it smells divine and if the cream is too gentle for you (which it might be when your skin is not sensitive or delicate and dry) the soap will be a perfect match. I heard so many raving reviews for Benton ALOE BHA skin toner. As the name suggests it contains aloe vera and the BHA acid in it is actually salicylic acid. I'm a huge fan of salicylic acid. It's basically my bread and butter when it comes to skincare. So far this has been one of the best alcohol free toners I've tried in a while. Last on this list of favourites is a product I've wrote about before, Mizon Snail repair eye cream. While snail extract products still might not be among the most mainstream products, I think Mizon is on a way to change that. Hands down, this is probably the best eye cream I've ever used. It makes under the eye area brighter and more even while hydrating well.