Sparkly fabrics are probably one of the most festive things you can wear during the holidays. I wasn’t always that into sparkly stuff, especially not into wearing them. 😂 But I guess even when you are not into them, you can make an exception during this season. I already wrote about lame fabric, in this post here. It’s a great choice when you don’t like sequins and similar shiny fabrics. Lame is different, because the sparkly tread is inter weaved with regular thread so it creates this rather pretty shiny fabric. It looks the best when shinny thread is combined with a darker one since it pops out the most.

Here I paired my sparkly blouse with a simple corduroy skirt. I already wrote about this skirt in one of my recent posts, it's quite comfy and warm. And it obviously pairs well with everything, in that post I wore it with a more casual sweater and here with a festive blouse. In the first New Year's lookbook for this year I mentioned how I'll do different kinds of New Year's looks. This one is still semi casual, compared to holiday looks these days, something you can wear for house parties or when you are hanging out with your friends for New Year's. The first one was an elegant, more formal look and the third one that will be on the blog soon is something in between.

H&M blouse
New Look skirt
Asos heels
Zaful earrings
Skagen watch
Vintage and Ti Sento rings
Ti Sento bracelet