One interesting thing that happened in fashion this year is the big comeback of 80s dresses. I didn't expect for this trend to spread so fast, although I wore 80s dresses even before it was the trend. My favourite thing ever are retro dresses, or actual vintage dresses which is even better. Return of 80s dresses happened recently and, like I said, super fast and since then I started looking for a new 80s dress. Long sleeved ones looked the cutest and I got some that were really pretty, but not 80s enough in my opinion. Then I found this one in Zara and I like how it has that 80s cut, but is not one of those super short and tight dresses.

This New Year's look is the one between casual and formal and on trend at the moment, so it would be perfect for the holidays. I also like the pattern on it while the cut is one of those cuts you can wear in more casual outfits as well. I'm not a hugest fan of shoulder pads, as I believe nobody is, though this cut has a kind of shoulder pads effect. 

Zara dress
Asos shoes
No brand pearl headbands
Vintage and Ti Sento rings
Vintage earrings