One coat you've probably been seeing everywhere is a teddy coat. It's my favourite coat for winter outfits for many reasons. Teddy coats are definitely one of the warmest and comfiest coats ever. You can just throw them on top of everything and they will make you warm. Not so sure it will look that elegant, but that's not what these coats are known for. As the decade is coming to an end (I know, sounds super scary 😂) it makes me think about the trends that will make this transition.

Teddy coats are definitely one of them. Another one is all forms of high waisted jeans, mom jeans especially. I think about how comfortable mom jeans are every day, I'm not even joking. Today while I was wearing them I wondered what will happen when the trend of low waisted jeans returns. I will probably just continue wearing my high waisted jeans. Last trend featured in this post is headbands! Like I mentioned in couple of the posts before, I loveee headbands. I have since I've been a kid and the return of headbands is one of the best things that happened in hair department recently.

Brave soul coat
Zara jeans
Gap turtleneck
Sam Edelman boots
Gucci bag
H&M headband
Gucci sunglasses
Vintage earrings
Vintage and Ti Sento rings