First post in this year! I wish you all the best, a lots of happiness and great work ethic so you can turn all you plans into reality. If you make New Year's resolutions you've probably already made them by now. I don't usually make resolutions at the beginning of the year, like I mentioned in my New Year's posts before. Still, this year I thought it would be fun to try cooking more healthy recipes and to bake more. I love cooking, but I don't bake that much, which is already changing since I baked three batches of chocolate chip cookies in the last three days. 😂 Looks like I'm close to finding that perfect recipe. 

Interesting story about this dress is that I actually wore it to New Year's eve in 2015. It's my sister's dress, but she gave it to me, then it was hers again for a while then she lost it and found it on Orthodox Christmas (January 7th) this year. She said it was a Christmas miracle so how can I argue with it. She gave me the dress once again and now I have it, which is great since I really love this dress. Excuse my orangy highlighter here, I was trying something out (using a shiny bronzer as a highlighter) and it did look good in real life, not so much in the photos.

Mango dress
H&M headband
Vintage earrings
Vintage bracelet