Liquid eyeliner is one of those makeup products that can completely transform a look, especially if it’s black. I tried using brown eyeliner in the past and although it can also look pretty, black eyeliner is my bread and butter when it comes to eye makeup. I remember the first time I started using it (it was about 8 or 9 years ago) and my eyeliner skills were pretty low but I still thought it looked amazing. Since I started wearing makeup even before I knew liquid eyeliner existed there was a time when my eye makeup looks were simpler, sometimes with a pencil liner (in the waterline, of course 😂) and sometimes with an eyeshadow matching the colour of my outfit. Yes, those were the days. I still sometimes wear simpler makeup and even don’t wear makeup at all but my favourite eye looks always include black eyeliner. So after so many years of wearing it, what would be my main tips for applying liquid eyeliner? 

It’s all about the actual product

If you are into makeup you’ve probably learned by now that the quality of the product can make all the difference. And it’s not always the case that the most expensive products are the best. It’s really a trial and error type of situation where you have to try out the products to find the one that works the best for you. I’ve tried many eyeliners in the past and the one that works the best for me is Liner Pinceau from Bourjois. I’ve probably mentioned it a hundred times before, but that’s OK. The one I truly love is in black although the one in brown looks almost black on the lids, it’s a super dark shade of brown. Bourjois, please don’t discontinue it, thanks. 

Practice makes perfect 

Like with anything in life you do need a bit of practice to master the skill. It took me about six months or so to learn how to do a perfect line from the first try, without any need for touch ups or alterations. I know this might sound a bit crazy, but the time is gonna pass anyway so why not learn a skill in the process. I know many people who just give up when trying to do a perfect eyeliner line and say they just don’t know how and yes it might be like that in the beginning and sometimes you’ll leave the house with the thickest eyeliner line in the world. But just keep practicing.

Base is important 

Although in theory you could apply eyeliner on bare lids and make it last for the whole day (especially if you have a quality, long lasting eyeliner) it will look so much better and remain perfect until you remove the makeup if you wear it over the solid base. This includes an eyeshadow primer and then eyeshadow, before using eyeliner. If you want to do a “no eyeshadow” look then just use an eyeshadow in the colour of your skin, like I did here. 

You need a steady hand 

Couple of times when I had some big events in life or was a bit nervous my hand was just not as steady as I would like which made applying eyeliner tricky. I never gave up thought, and always did my complete eye look the way I wanted, but I do know how to ignore my nerves and power through. If you feel like you are too upset to do your eyeliner just skip it, you will be fine. Or if you think you can make it work just try to relax and concentrate on the task.

Mistakes are not that hard to fix

Even when you make a mistake with your black liner it’s actually quite easy to fix while it’s still fresh. You’ll just need a damp cotton swab (not wet!) and a bit of patience. Use the swab to gently remove the part of the line you don’t like and then reapply it. This is the tip for bigger areas, if there’s a tiny spot you don’t like or eyeliner transferred somewhere where it shouldn’t just wait for it to dry and gently scrub it off with a dry cotton swab.