How do you guys feel about hair clour, do you like changing it quite often or going with the same one all the time? I'm in the middle, I love when my hair is brown, but I'll go with all different shades of it, depending on the mood. Back when these photos were taken my hair was a lot shorter and I also wanted it a bit more light brown in the roots. Now it's light brown, but I want it a bit darker, since this shade is washing out fast. Although I know what my next hair colour is gonna be, if you are not sure but want a change here are the biggest hair colour trends for the Spring to come.

Dark chocolate brown

Maybe my favourite hair colour ever! The one I'll try to get to the next time I dye my hair. Naturally my hair is dark brown, still since I'm pretty much pale all year round except during the Summer the dark hair makes me look even paler. So I go for lighter brown hues instead.


Once I wanted red hair and luckily my hairdresser talked me out of it, I don't really have a skin undertone for it. But if you are warm toned or if warm tones go well with your skin tone, go for it.

Caramel highlights

If you have naturally light brown hair, caramel highlights would look gorgeous on you. 

Silver blonde

The most popular blonde hair in the last couple of years. It's one of the hardest shades of blonde to get as well, which makes it even more popular. Still, with the right hairdresser or if you are already blonde, you can easily switch to this colour.

Strawberry blonde

When you can't decide between blonde or red, just go with strawberry blonde. I do like how this shade looks on others, although it wouldn't be the first choice for me. Like I said, I tend to go with the shades of brown the most.