The things you can wear in this weather, you can pretty much pair anything and it will be fine. Except the real summer wardrobe, although I did see people wear shorts during February. I would usually wear this jacket in colder weather, so I wouldn't be able to pair it with these boots, since they are for a bit warmer weather. If that makes any sense whatsoever. Although I did one post before with these exact boots and jacket, but it was a weirdly warm day as well. I do still love this 90s inspired outwear style, especially the puffer jackets. They remind me of my childhood, I used to have a similar purple jacket I adored.

You probably figured out my pattern of wearing ''bolder'' colours, I almost always do it so the rest of the outfit is completely monochrome. I don't do this on purpose though, it just happens most of the time. I added a beret and hoop earrings here to complete that 90s vibe and my bag is actually a vintage 90s bag. I also wore my smaller black sunglasses that go well with this look, but they look so bad in photos that I didn't include a photo with them. 😂

H&M jacket
GAP turtleneck
H&M pants
Asos boots
Vintage Coach bag
Vintage silver earrings
Vintage and Ti Sento rings