I was never the biggest fan of suede boots, but I think I'm warming up to them. I like these mainly because of the heel length, this kind of high but not too high heel is my favourite when it comes to boots. Usually I wear ankle boots with such heel, still I liked these a lot because I thought they will look cute with boho dresses when the spring comes. That whole 70s dresses with chunky heel boots is right up my alley. What do you think about wearing black and brown together? When I first saw these boots all I could think about is that ''rule'' that says you can't pair black and brown. Now, I don't really believe in any rules when it comes to fashion, although I still clearly remember the day one of my friends told me she would never wear black and brown together. We were in high school back then and that ''rule'' made no sense to me back then as it doesn't today. Maybe I just like to rebel against all the rules. 😂

Anyways, I wasn't sure whether to make this post all about the boots or all about this dress, which is one of my favourite wool dresses of all times. I love wool dresses, maybe because I normally like items that make a whole outfit (like dresses of jumpsuits) and maybe it's the fact that they give you a different option during the winter so you don't have to wear jeans/pants with sweaters all the time. When I got this dress I realized it's too big for me (size L was the only one left and I usually get S or M) so for a while I didn't know how to style it and it looked like the dress was eating me alive. Then I got this belt and figured out it looks pretty cute belted and is so warm which is perfect for winter outfits. The whole outfit  is even prettier when you add a pair of knee high boots with a chunky heel, it makes the look come together nicely.

Steven by Steve Madden boots
Zara dress
Zara coat
Asos belt
Mona bag
Ray Ban sunglasses
Vintage and Ti Sento rings
Casio watch