I can't remember if I ever posted a look with leggings before. Probably not because I rarely wear them outside the house. Except when I'm working out, but that doesn't count. Denim jackets are the whole different story, I love wearing them so much that the only time during my childhood when my Mom got angry with me has been when I wanted to outside in my denim jacket during the winter. I actually waited for her to go back into the kitchen when she explicitly said I can't wear it and then put in back on. In my defense it was one of those winter days when snow is almost melted and it looked like spring to 5 year old me. 

Speaking about the childhood, leggings are one of the things I wore all the time as a kid, for some reason my Mom loved dressing me in them. I was always a skinny kid, but once when I grew out a lot fast so all the leggings they sold were to wide for me and I remember how annoying it was when I looked at my knees and baggy leggings around them. 😂 Imagine how other pants would look then. Even now I love wearing leggings when I'm in the house and when I'm working out, I almost never wear track pants or anything like that. Since gym is not really my thing and I love running outside, when I go for a run I'll just pair them with a T-shirt or a vest or a jacket, depending on the season. But if I'm not going for a run, even if I'm going to some sort of workout activity that's indoors (like yoga) I only wear them with something longer like a tunic or a long sweater on top. So that's one tip I have for wearing leggings in everyday outfits as well, just pair them with a longer top or a dress, or a shirt dress. Unless you love wearing them with shorter tops which can also look cute, but is really not my cup of tea.

Zara jacket, these are also cute women denim jacket
H&M sweater
H&M leggings
Superga sneakers
Mona bag
Saint Laurent sunglasses
Skagen watch
Vntage and Ti Sento rings
Earrings are from Etsy