How are you guys handling staying at home? I'm actually really enjoying it since I can do many creative things I like, although I know it's a bit weird to say when there are so many people who don't have the option of staying at home. My heart goes to them at this moment and I hope the rest of us will do our best to help them, even if it means ''only'' staying at home. If you are at home, you might be running out of beauty and makeup products. Luckily, I bought replacements for all the products I saw I will use up in the next period on time, but I am a bit of organization and planning freak in situations like these. 😂 But even if I didn't I would find new creative ways to use products for different purposes, I even do it in regular circumstances just for fun. Here I'll give you a few basics that are actually useful and can really work. Before I've saw some tips online, like replacing your brow gel with clear lip gloss, honestly I wouldn't try tips like those, in my opinion the only ones worth trying are tips that give you same results as the actual product.
P. S. It's perfectly OK not to wear makeup when you are staying at home (or when you are not), but I do like doing my makeup because it makes me happy and more productive.

Lipstick as a blush

This is one of the oldest tips in the makeup book, I remember my grandma only using lipstick as a blush. She didn't even own a blush. My Mum does this as well. Frankly, running out of blush is not that possible, they do last for ages since you only use a tiny bit. Still, trying your favourite lipstick as a blush can be fun and it also creates an unique look when you wear the lipstick on the lips as well since it ties the makeup nicely. And have you ever tried creamy blushes? They look gorgeous on and lipstick as a blush gives a strikingly similar effect.

Pencil eyeliner as an eybrow pencil

If you have a lighter shade of a pencil eyeliner it can eassily replace your brow pencil. I know many that are even better for this use than actual eyebrow penciles. Just apply it with a light touch, don't draw the sharp line, instead use light feathery strokes resembling the hair to fill your brows in.

Eye shadow as brow shadow, highlighter, bronzer, you name it

The most versitale makeup profuct is, of course, the eye shadow. Depending on the colour and how sparkly it is, you can use it for everything from highlighter to brow shadow. Back in the day when I first started getting seriously into makeup, there weren't so many shades of brow products avilable so everybody used actual eye shadow that fits their brow colour the best to fill them in.

Talcum powder as dry shampoo

Not really a makeup item, but I thought I would mention it here since I believe many people didn't remember to get a spare dry shampoo when they were getting their quarantine suplies. I know I didn't, even though I rememmbered almos everything. This is also one of those old tricks, from back when dry shampoo wasn't as widely avilable.