By now we are all used to this staying at home situation (kind of). Still I noticed a lot of people wondering why their skin is acting a bit weir, more specifically getting a bit dryer. Inspired by that and the general ''staying at home'' situation I decided to write this post with some of my best skin care tips and tricks you can use at home.

1. Hydration

Most of the people I talked to (or some who shared the info in their Instagram captions 😃) said their skin is getting dryer. And I don't mean on our hands which is natural since we are washing them a lot, they were talking about the face. There are a couple of reasons why I believe this is happening. First is the heating inside your house. It makes the air dryer which can make your skin dry. The second reason is that some people don't do their skincare routine thoroughly enough when they are not wearing makeup. Also, Sun makes your skin produce more oil, so when you are out a lot, skin hydrates itself. It can also be a fact that we drink more water when we are on the go. Besides, when we are at home we tend to drink more coffee (I know my coffee maker is working overtime these days) and drinking coffee dehydrates your skin. My tip here would be to make sure to drink enough water and hydrate well with your serums and face creams. Right now I've  been loving Ordinary Hyaluronic acid 2% + b5 serum, it really makes my skin super hydrated. 

2. Clay masks and face steams

If you are somebody who goes to the beautician frequently and gets deep cleansing treatments, your skin might be used to that. Best advice I can offer here is to do facials at home. Clay masks are your best bet for keeping the oil at bay and getting rid of smaller imperfections. Other great tip are face steams. They open up the pores and are super easy to do at home. Just boil some water, add a couple of tea bags (I prefer chamomile) and steam the face for couple of minutes. Wait for the water to cools off a bit though, you don't want to burn your face with steam that's too hot. For a replacement for a deep cleansing treatment steam your face and then when the pores are open apply a face mask. There are a lot of clay masks I love, right now my favourite has been L'Oreal Pure Clay Detox mask, but any clay mask will work. 

3. Dermarolling 

Now, this is a bit more extreme for those who never did it before. Dermarolling is basically replacement for a derma pen or microneedling treatments you can get at the salons. If you never tried this kind of treatments before, I wouldn't recommend doing them now, but if you did and your skin reacted well, you can use a derma roler at home. Here it's crucial to get a good quality derma roler, since the needles in those that are not can get rusty. Also, hygiene is at most importance and you have to disinfect everything well so your skin won't get infected. Before dermarolling make sure to check out a couple of Youtube tutorials on how to properly do it.