Layering normally includes more than one clothing item, usually three, but this time I layered with only one wrap coat worn as a kind of an oversized coat. This was definitely my favorite coat during the winter, I wore it with so many outfits, mostly the ones with jeans and sweaters, but also with skirts and tights like I did here. Wrap coats are slowly becoming my favourite type of coats, you can really style them with anything and they will always keep you warm. Black is an obvious choice and it is the most elegant coat you can wear, but I love my olive green wrap coat as well. 

Bucket hats were also a big trend this winter, actually they been going strong for the past year. The best thing about them is they really won't ruin your hair like other hats sometimes can. 😀 
I wasn't sure if this one will fit with all of my looks and it doesn't, I can wear it only with those in minimalistic colours, so if you decide to get one don't get it in the checkered print. A huge shout-out to my dog, he was so well behaved while I took these photos.

Mango coat
H&M sweater
Urban Revivo skort
H&M hat
Flex boots
Mona bag