Among many other things last two years have brought to us was also a not so unexpected return of the wide leg jeans. Fashion is, after all, cyclical and same trends always come and go (million times over). Experts on the matter say it marked an end of a 15 year old rule of skinny jeans. When I come to think of it, after the short period of supper flared jeans popularity in circa 2007., skinny jeans did really took over about fifteen years ago. I got my first pair around that time and I can still remember how weird it was to switch to skinny jeans, especially since back then they were made out of super thick denim plus they had a low waist. 😅 Mine even came with the zippers at the bottom, the legs were so tight you couldn't get them on any other way. 
Couple of years later a new trend spread like a wild fire, jeggings. If you remember, jeggings were (and still are) jeans with all the characteristics of leggings (super tight, supper stretchy) and were considered extremely tacky at first. Right around that time I got two pairs of jeans from GAP and now when I think about them I can only describe them as a mixture of jeans and jeggings. They were so comfortable and I wore one pair to death since I ruined the other one by spilling super glue on them. 

The only thing about the return of wide leg jeans that surprised me is how quickly it happened. Like I said, fashion is cyclical, but many jeans types came and coexisted with the skinny jean, mom jeans for example. Now we can even see skinny jeans sales are getting lower and lower while the numbers for straight leg and wide leg models are rising. Some say it's due to TikTok and gen Z defining skinny jeans as a millennial thing, others think it's the quarantine that taught us how important it is to wear comfortable clothes and hence wider and comfier jean models.
What makes sense for me is that wide leg and mom jeans models came from the comeback of 90s aesthetic that has been going on for couple of years now. Of course, wider leg jeans go well with Y2K fashion and other trends that have been popular lately.
What remains to be a mystery and commonly asked question on social media is whether people will wear them in deep snow or compromise for skinny jeans that do in fact go better with tall boots. Maybe keep your skinny jeans just in case, they will eventually come back as well.

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