Or should I say boots with chunky soles. This trend of chunky boots and shoes in general came back during the past couple seasons, but it's nothing new since we had the same craze during the 90s. I remember my best friend wearing those sneakers that looked like they came straight from the Spice girls video when we were kids. You can find same sneakers right now as well, along with some super pretty boots. I got mine since I do like boots with heels anyways, these are basically the same, only they are completely high, not only the heel.

What I really like about these boots is the silhouette they give you when you wear them with skirts and dresses, your legs also look so long in them. But my favorite way to style them is paired with flared jeans or pants. As you can see here I wore them with a black skort (not so sure if you can tell it's a skort 😆) which gives the same effect you would get if you wore them with a skirt.

H&M jacket
Urban Revivo skort
Mona bag
Ray Ban sunglasses 
Vintage blouse