Another set of vintage hair combs

Apparently, I can't resist vintage hair combs. I love doing my hair and adding hair combs to finish the look. These are another Etsy find, from early 20th century. I noticed them because they are made from fake tortoiseshell which is one of my favourite materials.
 Elegant vintage hair combs like these look good with any updo. I wore them couple of days ago with 1930s inspired hairstyle and a simple outfit (white shirt and black pants) and I love the way it all looked.
These were probably used to hold the hair in place and not for decorative purposes but I use them for decoration.



  1. You should post a picture of them in your hair, I would love to see it!


    1. I will! Thanks for the suggestion.

    2. There is a picture of me wearing the hair comb from this set in my new post:
      beautyfineprint.blogspot.com/2014/05/the-week-in-makeup.html. You can't see it very well, I'll make a post about hairstyle ideas for these combs soon, until then this picture will do.


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